Help "Carrying" yarn up side of scarf

[B]**I figured it out, thank you! :)[/B]

I know there must be a simple answer to this…lol

I am making a Chevron Scarf, and the pattern alternates colors every 2 rows… It says to pick up the new color in front of the old color every time, this way the yarn will be neatly carried along the edge as I knit.

So, I don’t need to cut the yarn between all these color changes, right? It’ just “carries” up the side seemlessly? :shrug:

Thank you for any insight with this!


Well, it wont’ be “seamlessly” as you will be able to see it on the edges, but it will be neatly “twisted” with the other color so that it won’t get caught on things and pull. You can do this with most things that you are going to use every few rows.

How far can you carry yarn up the side without it being unruly? I’ve heard of twisting the yarns at every row as you go, but when I try the ends going to the yarn balls get tangled. Any advice on this?