Help - Can't figure out continental purl

I can’t seem to get the continental purl stitch - I’ve got the knit stitch, but when I go to purl, it looks backwards. I have a few rows of knit stitch done, and want to practice the purl stitch.

In the continental purl video - she says to pull the yarn down in front so it looks like a single stitch, right? Well if I pull my yarn down in front it looks like a double stitch, and when I pull it down in back it looks like a single stitch. Does that make sense? It’s like I’ve got something backwards and what should be on the front is really on the back.

I just learned to knit today (from these wonderful videos) but am I doing something wrong? How do I know and how do I fix it? Or is there a way to purl with this backwards stitch I’ve somehow ended up with? Please let me know! Thanks!

ok nevermind… I figured it out. I just had to knit one more row the other way and it was right this time.

Ok so now what will I end up with if I knit a few rows… and purl a few rows? I’m just practicing but It’d be nice if I got a cool pattern in the process. :slight_smile:

Welcome Linds3485!

When you pull the yarn down in front, it shouldn’t be over the needle. Bring it around the side of the tip of the left needle, so it’s in front, but not over that needle. Does that make sense?

I think that’s what’s going on…
Hope that helps.
Congratulations on just learning to knit! Woohoo!