Help! Cabled baby hat

Hello everyone. I’m a newbie to this web site/group, and would appreciate any help I can get on this little project. I am making a cabled baby hat for my soon-to-be-appearing grandson. However, the pattern has an extended “tail” and pompom off the crown of the hat, kind of like a jester’s hat. I am trying to modify the hat by eliminating that part to just keep it a little skull cap. Up to the point of that tail, which begins the decreases, the hat is suppose to measure 8", which includes a 2" fold-up brim. So herein lies my queries…that means that this little hat measures 6" from brow to where the decreases are suppose to start. Doesn’t that seem a little big, or maybe long, for a newborn baby’s head? Also, now that I need to begin decreasing, how do you decrease so that it won’t completely destroy the look of the cables? I don’t know if this information is needed, but just in case…it’s being made with Jade Sapphire Mongolian cashmere, 2 ply but doubled up. It’s on size 3 needles. The rib and cable are all in patterns of 2 so it’s a very small cable. (2k, 2p, 2/cable,2p). This is a beautiful little hat, and I will consider making it my standard baby gift for my friend’s grandbabies, if I can figure out a way to modify it. Thanks SOOOOO much for any help you can offer.:slight_smile: lynnieco, a PA knitter

Is it a free pattern that you can link to? It would help.

Also… yes, 6 inches sounds like it’s too long for a newborn hat. I think most of them I’ve seen are usually about 5 inches from the edge. :think:

Thank you Jan. I went back and ripped out a bit of the length. I couldn’t really use the decreases from the pattern because it was being decreased to a “jester’s point” so I just took my time and wrote out a pictorial of how to plan the decreases so I could keep the little cables for as long as possible until they also had to go. It worked. I think the hat is a good size for a newborn and it’s beautiful! Thanks so much!

lynnieco a PA knitter