Help! Buttery soft baby set/Raglan sweater

I am desperate for some help. I am working on my first baby sweater and am stuck.

I will post a part of the pattern where I am stuck on.

Next row (RS) *K to within 2 sts of next marker, k2tog tbl (through the back loop), sl marker, k2tog; rep from * across all markers, k to end (8 sts decreased).
Next row (WS) Purl. Rep last 2 rows 14 times in all;

Does this mean that it will be 28 rows in total? Starting with Next Row(RS)

AT THE SAME TIME, when armhole measures 2 ½”,

My armhole measured 2 1/2" after the 14 row, so I continued with the pattern.

shape neck as foll: Keeping to raglan shaping as est, after working first 4 sts at beg of next 2 rows place them on holders, then dec 1 st at beg and end of every other row (neck edges) 2 times. On last WS row, p2tog before and after each marker. Sl rem sts on holder.

I have a total of 63 rem sts counting the ones on holders from the sides.

Neckband With smaller needles, PU 49 sts along neck edge, including sts on holders.

How do I pick up 49 stitches if I have 63 on holders??

Work in k 1, p 1 rib for 6 rows. Bind off in rib.

Any help would be truly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

When you repeat 2 rows 14 [I]more[/I] times, you’ll have another 28 rows, so that’s really 30 rows total.

When the armhole is 2½" you begin the neck shaping. Only the 4 sts on each edge will be on holders, you decrease the other sts at the beginning and end of every RS row twice, then dec on the next purl row at the markers. So you’ll lose another 12 sts with the decreases. Maybe you didn’t decrease enough and should really have 49, not 63 sts?

Thank you so much for answering. The pattern says “Rep last 2 rows 14 times in all” I figured that includes the two it started with.

I worked this but did not do it but 14 times because the armhole measured 2 1/2 by the time I got to the 14th repeat. So essentially I am lacking 14 more rows. Do I need to go back and continue to work on the remaining 14 rows that I did not do, but then the armhole won’t measure 2 1/2… Sorry to bug but I am ready to finish this. Thanks a bunch.

It just means that [U][I]when[/I][/U] you reach 2½" then you [U][I]also[/I][/U] put the two sets of sts on the holders and start the decreases at the neck edge. You still keep going with the decreases at the markers too, so you do need less stitches. The armhole is going be more than 2½" long and that would be correct.

So? I keep decreasing but how many times? You mean that I keep decreasing at markers when I purl right? So I knit decreasing at the beg and end of the RS rows and then when I purl I decrease before and after the markers? Do this until I have all 28 or 30 rows and then I should have 49 stitches left?

I hope I am understanding you correctly. Thanks again.

I think that’s right. You do keep decreasing at the markers until you’ve done 30 rows, as well as the decreases on the ends, and after the 2 RS rows with the end decs work the WS row with decreases there too. See how many you get then.