HELP! Brooklyn Tweed Ginsberg Cardigan Help

I’m working on the Ginsberg cardigan from Brooklyn Tweed and am having a hard time in quarantine alone trying to figure this part of the pattern out. Included is a diagram from the pattern as well as the part I’m stuck on. I have just finished the back and am now working on picking up stitches to create the front pieces, but this part of the pattern is so confusing to me and I don’t even know where to start! It says to work left to right, so am I to work backwards with the working yarn still on the right side of the RS? I just don’t even know how to interpret any of these instructions, where to start, or what questions to ask to help :grimacing::woman_facepalming:!! Any help on where to begin is appreciated because I’m so stuck. I can include any more screenshots from the pattern if you think it would help. Thanks in advance!Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 11.53.45 AM Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 11.53.13 AM

Very clever construction. Picking up sts left to right with the RS facing is going to be a challenge if you are right handed. It’s a little awkward to do at first but you can do it. (I know this because I’m a lefty and I struggle with the conventional directions for picking up sts right to left. )
InkedBrooklyn tweed pattern_LI
Pick up sts for both the left and right fronts but you’ll want to use a separate ball of yarn for each front. Work the 2 fronts at the same time, switching the yarn between fronts at the mid-point. This will be easier to see after the first few rows. It’s like knitting 2 sleeves at the same time with separate yarn balls.

Doing this ensures that the two fronts are alike but if you prefer, you could knit one front first. If you do that, I would pick up all the sts at once and leave half on a holder or scrap yarn.

Great looking pattern, not surprisingly from Norah Gaughan!

Hi salmonmac,

I am stuck here as well. After doing the first 7 stitches on WS row and turningRS to face me, my working yarn is facing towards Right Front. Should I be picking up stitches from there instead of the Left Front?

I’ve also posted the instructions for the next row which I’m also really confused.

Would appreciate any guidance!!

Go ahead and pick up sts left to right down the right front. Once you’ve done that, work across the row that you posted until you get to the left front where you again pick up sts in the more conventional direction.
If that doesn’t answer your question, come back and let me know.

Thank you heaps! I followed your advice and did a few more rows per the instructions. I think it’s looking like how it should be :slight_smile: