Help! braided hat pattern

this is my first time using circular needles. decided to try the braided hat pattern:

i’ve run into a couple of problems. okay. maybe alot. so please help me out!
and if you’ve tried this pattern, please help me with the size.

i’m using size 10 circular needles and this type of yarn. its slightly thick.
casted on 88 stitches and realised its still a little big for me [i have a small head. haha]
i just need to make it slightly smaller. i want it about 10.5’’ across.

-the pattern says to use multiples of 11 that are even. would it matter if i used 77 stitches instead?

also, it says to use 16’’ circular needles but i only have 29’’ ones so i used the magic loop knitthing method.
however, when i divide the stitches on the two needles, it sort of gets stretched out inbetween by the connecting cable and leaves a small gap. would that matter in the end?

-i’m not sure what to do. :thinking: should i stick with the 29’’ needles and use the magic loop method or get double pointed needles? which method is better?

I think you should get yourself a 16" circ…you will use 16s alot if you ever make more hats.

AND, I think when they say “even”, they mean 44, 66, 88, etc. You may want to drop an email to “she who created the pattern” and ask why that’s important…

I’m guessing that the author of the pattern is suggesting multiples of 11 in even numbers in order to do the 2 x 2 ribbing. If you’re sure you want to do 77 inches for the body of the hat, perhaps you could cast on 78, work your ribbing, and do a single k2tog or other decrease somewhere in the first row after your ribbing.

OH! You are SOO smart!! In that case, you could change the kind of ribbing that you do! Or, make a rolled edge!

thanks so much!
i think i’m going to try the method silveridger suggested.
and i probably want to get myself some 16’’ circulars. except i couldn’t find any :frowning:

I couldn’t find 16" circulars for months, either. I’ve decided they only sell them in yarn shops, and I wasn’t ready for that when I first started, so I just used double pointed needles. :stuck_out_tongue: If you’ve got a yarn shop nearby, that’s probably your best bet.

Oh, and let me know how the smaller size goes? I’ve wanted to try that hat, but it just seems like it would be too big for my head. The last hat I made was 80 stitches on size 8s. :shock:

no problem! i sure hope it fits.
if not all that work will go down the drain. lol.
btw CateKnits, was using double pointed needles better than circular needles??

I prefer double pointeds, but I’m weird. :rollseyes: They aren’t that much different.

It might help to know that I knit very tightly. The hat in the picture fits my 7 year old daughter and is snug on my head. If you knit like a normal person, you could easily get away with 88 stitches. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

And yeah, the even number thing is just because of the ribbing (and unless you also do a multiple of 4, the ribbing doesn’t work out perfectly anyway. This doesn’t bother me, but it should be noted.) You can easily change that to suit your own needs. The important bit is that you use a multiple of 11 so the cables work out.