Help bottom of sweater rolling

Is there a way to fix a sweater edge from rolling instead of laying flat?

Is it a pullover or cardigan? Is it knit in stockinette? Is the sweater finished or in progress?

Stockinette curls due to the nature of the stitch. You can try doing a garter stitch or seed stitch border off at least 5 ridges (10 rows), but that doesn’t always work perfectly as it still has a tendency to flip up along the row between stitch patterns. :shrug:

I am making a swoncho; like a pullover. I’m just finishing it up. It was knitted in stockinette. If I wash and hang it to drip dry, would that help?
<img src=“” alt=“Weekend Swoncho - Love of Knitting Fall 2012 - 轻描淡写 - 轻描淡写”/>

It’ll help, but stockinette always rolls to some extent. You can add a strip of seam binding on the back if that appeas to you. If you can crochet, the best way to hold it flat is to single crochet around the bottom (or crab stitch, which works even better, but I don’t like to do that so I sc around!)

Thanks Becky. What do you mean by a strip of seam binding? I don’t know how to crochet. Is crab stitching knitting?

Seam binding is available in the fabric department. It’s a long strip of fabric, often with iron-on adhesive, that comes in many colors. It isn’t as stretchy as knitting, but on the bottom of that swoncho it won’t matter as much as it would on a neckline or whatever.

If you can do applied i-cord, it won’t roll either. It’s a little bit of a pain to work, but you can use matching yarn or add contrasting edging that way if you like.

Crab stitching is indeed crochet, worked backwards from the regular way.

If you don’t know how to crochet, it’s a useful skill for knitters even if you never intend to crochet anything. If you use the same yarn and crochet right into each bound-off stitch, it’ll give the edge just enough strength not to roll.

There’s a way to put a crocheted non-roll edging on with a knitting needle, but it would take longer to explain than it does to do! There’s probably a video for it somewhere. Trust me, it’s easier and much quicker with a crochet hook.

Thanks Becky. I will definitely check it out! I’ve finished my swoncho and washed it and hung it to dry and it seemed to help with the rolling. But thankyou for the suggestion. I didn’t know there was such a thing and it will come in handy for next time it happens!