Help! "Blossom" pattern from "25 Bags to Kni

I need help on this pattern. The directions are to cast on 35 stitches, 1st row: k; 2nd row: k1 (p1, k1) and then you continue working rows one and two. I hope that the way I am about to explain the problem I’m having will make sense! The picture shows the “v” from the knit stitches as going down, which looks cute and creates a neat eyeline. When I knit this pattern, the “v’s” go up. I have take it out and started over several times, trying different ways of knitting and purling, and the pattern never looks right! Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

The picture is on this site:
it’s the 2nd bag down on the far left column.

If you’re starting on the bottom, you have to turn your work upside down to see how it will look when done. Is that what’s going on?

I’m editing this because I realized that if you start on the bottom, it will be right side up. :doh:

Are you confusing your right and wrong side, maybe?

I went to the yarn store and talked to them about the pattern . . . it was knitted top to bottom, but the directions were for bottom to top. Kinda frusterating.

I thought about that possibility, too. How much trouble would it have been to do it right?

Well . . . I’m using the side i already knitted as the backside, and doing the front side right—I don’t think it should be too noticeable. It’s not difficult, except I kinda did it wrong and all the rows that were knitting (instead of k1p1) are now on the wrong side so I have to purl them instead, so it kinda takes longer. But other than that it’s no big deal and it looks so much cuter!