Help! Bleeding colors!

Help! I just soaked my new intarsia baby blanket prior to blocking and some of the colors have bled! How do I clean the colors up, and can I prevent them from bleeding during washing? The yarn is 100% cotton.

I believe if you add vinegar to the water, it a can help.

I would try cold water-soaks first, to get the bleeding out, soak for a couple of days if you have to. Then once it is washed out, do a vinegar rinse… do I remember correctly that vinegar sets the dye? If so, then it will set the bleeding so it won’t wash out, which you don’t want.

Each wash should remove more and more dye, so it will get better, but washing in cold water only will help in future. Did you read the washing instructions on the label? What did they say?

Thanks for the tips! The washing instructions are handwash and flat dry, so I did just soak it in cold water. I’m a bit afraid to try it again! I think I will try the vinegar at some point, I still have a bit of embroidery to do first. Someone else suggested cold salt water - any thoughts on that?

It depends on the dye used.

i agree with Ingrid… it does stop the bleeding with VInegar

Yes Vinegar totally helps.
Also, there is a dye bleeding removal product sold in most grocery stores in the detergent isle. It’s usually sold in little bottles on the corner top shelf with other types of stain removers. I cannot remmeber the brand name.
Good luck