Help! binding off issues

i just finished a scarf (my second-ever project that has been a nightmare of screwups from the get-go), and was in the process of binding off. when i got to the VERY LAST STITCH, it slipped off the needle. now it seems the whole bottom of the piece is unraveling. is there any way to save this? also, the bind off edge is much wider than the rest of the piece. (if my description of these issues doesn’t make sense, let me know and i’ll post a photo of the disaster.) what am i doing wrong?

also, if anyone has an interesting, fun, beginner project to suggest to keep me from giving up knitting (this scarf has almost done me in…and it’s such a simple pattern!), i’m all ears.

If you dropped the last stitch you need to recover it and finish the bind off. Check out this web site for recovering dropped stitches if your last stitch as started to unravel down.

Blocking the scarf might alleviate the flaring problem (which can sometimes happen with scarves).

Sometimes I think beginner projects are subjective. What I like to think of as my first beginner project was the Sheep pattern from Fiber Trends. They were just so darn adorable I couldn’t rest making at least one. But a lot of people might not think I a beginner should try it, what you need to do is find something that will make you happy that you really want to try and make. That being said you might want to try and make a “Booga Bag.” Its felted so it hides a variety of mistakes and there is not too much shaping involved. HTH.

What st pattern did you use for the scarf? Did you BO ‘in pattern’? Some st patterns require BOs other than the traditional ‘cable’ style to prevent flaring.


I think we know about the flaring problem. That happens sometimes. Did you manage to get the thing back on the needles? You can undo a bind off a bit and put the right needle through the loop at the left end of the stitches that have been bound off and then take the other needle and run it back through the stitches. Or take the whole bind off row out and run the needle back through them all and try again. I know this is intimidating for a beginner. :frowning:

I hope you managed to save your scarf. Consider the flaring a design feature. LOL

For another project I would suggest a hat. A lot of people seem to shy away from a 16" circular needle and either another circular for the top, or double points to do the decreases as the hat gets small, but it isn’t hard. My DH’s first project was a hat, and I’ve had others start with hats. They are small projects, and very satisfying…if you like hats.

thanks to all for your responses. i did not bind off in pattern. i suppose i’m going to try to rip out the whole bind off row and try again, and then block the scarf. i’ll let you know how it goes :slight_smile: