Help beginning knitter first big project

Im trying to make a hobo bag. The bottome of the bag is knit on circluar needles, but it is a flat rectangle. I have knit the entire bottom except going aroung the outside edge of the rectangle. This is where I am confused, how do i go around the corner with sts. from the top side still on the needle? I cant seem to get my mind around how to do this without binding off, But if I bind off how do i keep going around?

You don’t BO, but pick up sts around all the edges, and corners can be tight but doable. You may have to pull out the circular so there’s kind of a loop in it to pick up the first sts on the side right below the last row you did. After you’ve picked up 8 sts or so, then pull on the other end of the needle to take out the loop and the corner will flex around it. Do this on every corner and after you have all the sts on the cord it should be fine after that.

Okay, you make a rectangle for the bottom, worked back & forth, as if on straight needles. Then, you go back & pick up stitches along the finished edge (to turn the rectangle into a round.)

I have a hobo pattern featured on Domestic Diva. Just go to this link here and follow the links for Domestic Diva. If you have any trouble just email me.
Glad to help.