Help beginning a stranded hat...


I have some yarn leftovers that look excellent together and I found a pattern I really like to use them both up. Problem: I’ve never done stranded knitting before and, in doing research, there are several ways to carry the two strands of yarn and carry the floats. For this hat:

Which method would you suggest? I should say I’m a continental knitter so the two handed method looked interesting but I wasn’t sure it was the best way to go at this…

Second question: When she says

“XS (S, M, L)
Finished Unstretched Circumference at Brim: 16 (17.5, 19.25, 20.75)” / 40 (44, 48, 52) cm
intended to fit with up to 2-3” of negative ease”

Does that mean my head measurement? The hat measurement? Outside circumference or inside circumference? I want to modify the decreases as I don’t like a slouchy hat but I want to pick the correct size. I’ve looked through several project posts on Ravelry for this hat and nobody seems to say what size they knit.


This is how I learned to knit two handed fair isle. There are other videos if you google it. That measurement is unstretched and since knitting stretches it’s pretty forgiving. It says 2-3 inches of negative ease so it would stretch beyond the measurement listed that far. So basically a medium would stretch from 19.25" to appx 22". To not have it slouchy decrease sooner.

Whoah. That’s intense but I suppose once I get the hang of it it’ll be a breeze.

Two more questions: When do I join the colors? And how do I join, bringing color B in?

I was just telling my DH that you moderators are the best. I have been asking questions on and off for YEARS and you are always here, ready to help. I appreciate it so much. Thank you!

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Oh you’re welcome! I’ve learned a lot by helping others. :slight_smile: I remember your user name, but haven’t seen your for awhile. Welcome back if you’re rejoining us!

I made the little purse in that video before I made a hat and it helped a lot. If you have some stash yarn I’d give that a try. I also knit hats and just added fair isle by making checkerboard patterns and stuff just to get the hang of it. Still make up my own design 99% of the time. lol

I just start knitting with the new color. It’ll leave a little gap. but that mostly blends in and what doesn’t you can fix when you weave in the ends.

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