Help beginner

I’m relatively new to knitting. I want to make a hat and a pair of socks. I don’t really know where to begin. I want to make an adult size of each. I tried using a circular needle for the hat but it looks odd. I scrapped that project. I tried a sock on dpn, but I don’t know what I’m suppose to do to shape the heal. and toes. I have been looking on the web, but I haven’t found the right site to help me. Can anyone please help. I just want to learn something basic.

First you might want to get used to knitting in the round, whether you use circular needles or dpns. CO some stitches and just make a tube. The videos for circular knitting on the Advanced techniques page can be helpful. Silver’s sock tutorial at is said to be very good at explaining how to knit socks.

Here is an excellent site to help you learn the how-to’s of knitting socks.

Well, Suzeeq was a minute faster in posting Silver’s sock tutorial link. That’s what makes her a great forum moderator!!!

Thank you both! I will look at the site. If I have any further questions I will post them. THank you!:cheering:

You might also want to give this page a look.

It isn’t as extensive as Silver’s tutorial, but it is still interesting.


Thanks for this site as well. I’m still having issues finishing around. i think I’m not knitting through the proper stitch to join them. It looks odd.

What do you mean by odd?

Does it look something like the first picture here?


There’s a couple ways to tighten up the join. The one I use is to CO 1 extra st, then knit it together with the first st on the needle (usually done by slipping that first stitch, then working all the way around and knit the last st with the first one). The other way is to swap the first and last sts. Put the first st on the right needle and the last st on the left needle, pulling one over the other. Many people use that one as well.

Yes it does! Thanks for the link! I should be able to figure out how to avoid doing it again in the future.