HELP! Beginner with a question

I just finished my first knitted item ever! Basically, it’s just a rectangle that I knitted out of a ball of yarn while teaching myself to knit. It actually would make a cute doll blanket so I do want to finish it off, plus, I’m now working on a dishcloth that will need finishing also.

So here’s the question: from what I understand, I am supposed to take a yarn needle, thread it with the ends of my yarn on both edges, and then weave that piece of yarn through some of the stitches? How long should that extra piece be and about how many stitches should I weave it through? Do I need to tie a knot or anything?

Also…about blocking…I’ve read about blocking and understand how to do it but I’ve always read about it in conjunction with things like sweaters. Should I block blankets, scarves and dish and wash cloths also? Does it work with cotton yarn as well as wool?

I would truly appreciate any help!
Thanks so much!

If you haven’t cast off, then you need to look at the video here on how to do that. You’d then thread your yarn after you’ve cast off all of your stitches to finish your work.

You wouldn’t have to block this, though you could wash it to even out the sts a little and lay it out to dry, or just wash it in the washer and dryer (not too long in the dryer). For how long a tail (it’s not an extra piece, but the end of your yarn) you need it long enough to thread through a darning needle. There’s some explanation on weaving on the Tips page, I think.

The purpose of weaving in the ends of your yarn is just to anchor it a bit so it doesn’t unravel. After casting off, you cut the yarn, leaving a few inches, and then you can sort of retrace a few stitches with the yarn tail just to keep it hidden.

As for blocking- You don’t really need to on washclothes, but for scarves, etc it can help even out the stitches and neaten up the knitting a bit, as well as getting the pieces into the right shape.