HELP! Beginner needs some advice, thank you!

I am working on my very first blanket. I am using super bulky thread and a size 11.5 hook. I watched a youtube video on how to half double crochet, and I have been following instructions on the video. I have gone through one skein of yarn and have noticed one side of my blanket losing a stich along each row. It is starting to have an angle and is no longer a straight edge. I have googled how to fix this once the blanket is done and it suggests adding an edge to cover the mistake. I think I will be able to do this, but I need advice on how to move forward now. How can I get the blanket edge straight moving forward? I would hate to unravel my whole project and start over. Any help would be MUCH appreciated!!!

Thank you in advance!!!

Count your stitches, first of all. If you lost a stitch or two in the last few rows, it might be easier to rip back to the mistake and fix it.

If not, try to see how you lost the stitches. When you finish a row, count. If you’re short one, it’s almost always the stitch at the very end, where the starting chain was on the row before. If you get in the habit of marking that stitch with a safety pin, you won’t miss it the next time.

If the narrowed piece isn’t too wide or noticeable, you can increase a stitch on that edge at about the same pace as you accidentally decreased. It’ll look intentional then and you can always say you were curving it to fit around your neck when you’re wrapped in your blanket :smile:

Thank you Becky…

Well, I think I got overconfident and didn’t think I had to count my stitches on every row. On the one side, it stays straight and I can tell where my last stitch is supposed to end. The other side (slanted side) I thought I could tell where the last stitch was ending. It just doesn’t make sense to me. The last stitch, is the last stitch. There is not another loop I can go into. Why is it not lining up like the left side of my blanket? I was staying consistent on my turn, and going into the 2nd hole, but maybe this is where I am missing a stitch? Should I not be skipping the first hole on the turn? (Forgive me for my lack of knowledge on chrochet terms :))

I am learning to crochet and had the exact same issue and found out I really wasn’t going into the last stitch as it didn’t look like there was one there, but when I forced the hook in there was a last stitch it was just pulled too tight, now I am crocheting in a straight line. So maybe you are just missing the last stitch, I would practice on a scrap piece of yarn and see how you go before proceeding otherwise it will have decreased a lot by the time you get so far!!

Thank you! Yes, I think I finally figured it out :slight_smile: I restarted my work (I couldn’t pull out my old work, it hurt my heart too much lol) but I grabbed a new skein of yarn. I counted my stitches. I started putting markers on my turning chain and when I counted my sticthes I could see how I was missing the last stitch. So far so good! I have around 6 rows done and it looks straight. Keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out :slight_smile: Thank you for taking the time to respond!!

Your very welcome and glad we could help!! Now you should be crocheting evenly :wink:

You are missing the last stitch…either not stitching into the last stitch coming across or when you turn your work, you are not stitching into the first stitch. I did this with my first blanket and ended up ripping it all out.