Help beginner lost!

I am trying to knit a simple scarf, no fancy stitches. I just want to alternate colors. Hopefully, the school colors at my daughter’s college and hopefully it will turn out in a way that she won’t be too embarrassed to wear it.

My problem is… the only video I have found on the site about working with two colors doesn’t really apply. I am not sure how to stop one color and start the next. This may seem like a dumb question; but I did just pick up the knitting needles 10 days ago and so far I have only knitted two dishrags.

I appreciate any help in advance.


Depends on how far you need to carry the color. If 4 rows or less just wrap the colors up the side (take new color to back, behind the color you were using each time you change over). If your stripes are deeper cut the yarn leaving a long tail that you’ll weave later and pick up the new color at the edge.

There are techniques for weaving old color into new as it’s picked up but perhaps more than you want to tackle at this point.


If your stripes are only going to be few rows wide, just let the yarn you aren’t currently using hang along the side of your scarf.
When you get to the side of your scarf where the yarn is hanging (and you’re ready to start a stripe) just twist it one time with the yarn you are using. Then, you can start using the other color. I hope that makes sense. :??
Oh, you probably already know this, but you start a new color yarn just as you would start a new ball with regular one color knitting.

I would like to make fairly wide rows of each color, so would just letting the first color hang off to the side work? I have not even done a project that has required me to use more than one ball of yarn, so if someone could talk me through the transition from one color to the other I would appreciate it or refer me to a video that shows the process. Thanks.


If you want wide stripes I would measure out about 6 or 8 inches of yarn at the end of a row then cut the yarn. Add the new color yarn by tying the new color very close to the last stitch you made on the row, again leave a tail. Then start knitting with the new color.

At the end of the row you will have 2 tails, one of the original color and one of the new color. These can be weaved in later.

I don’t know if that helps or not, good luck!

When you are ready to start another color at the end of a row, you just turn and start as if you were using the new color all along. When you are all finished weave the ends in. Weave color A into the A stripe, color B in the B stripe. The only problenm I ever had with this as a beginner was making sure the second color yarn was going in the right direction. I would get a few stitches in and realize I was knitting from the tail instead if the ball.

I’ve done that too.:teehee:

Thanks everybody! Your advice really helped. Wish me luck!