[HELP!] Beanie on circular needles

It’s my first time knitting a beanie on circular needles. I cast on 100 and am using the Magic Loop method and K1, P1 all the way through for my ribbed edge. I was about to begin my second row when I noticed that my loops are in reverse; that is, it appears as though I would P1, K1. I’m not totally certain about all the fundamentals and principles of knitting on circulars. I was wondering whether or not I should just follow the loops and reverse my direction? Thanks in advance!

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I will be the first to ‘weigh in’ on your question! I hope others do, too!

Are you sure that you didn’t twist the stitches? Have you knit anything in the round before this?

EG: When you begin to “join” [U]the end[/U] of the cast on row to [U]the[/U] [U]beginning[/U] of the cast-on row (stitch #1 meets stitch #100)…you have to be sure the stitches didn’t spin around the needle. Make certain that the ‘bottoms’ of all the cast on stitches are still facing down…with no twirls anywhere along the way.

If you are sure your stitches are positioned right, then just knit the knits and purl the purls as they present themselves.

That is my 2 cents.

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Can you add some more? I have knit in the round a lot…but not with the Magic Loop method.

This will be a pain, but I would also go around what you just knit and check to see if you messed up your pattern by knitting or purling twice somewhere along the line. If you ended with a knit, then likely you goofed somewhere along the line (ask me how I know.:roll: )

The other possibility, I’d probably have to look at to check it out. However, on circular needles, things are reversed. For instance, if you want stockinette stitch in the round, you knit every row because somehow the stitches are “reversed.” (Sorry, I understand THAT it happens, but haven’t pursued the WHY it happens to full understanding. :))

So if that’s the case, you’re probably just right and if you knit the ones that look like knits and purl the ones that look like purls, you’ll be just fine. Which is what ArtLady said, I think.

Thanks for all the help, folks. I suppose I might as well just work at it and see if it doesn’t resolve itself.

The first row of a stitch pattern in ribbing or lace or something is always the trickiest because you might have knit a stitch wrong or out of order. I often have to do what Lisa suggests and go back over what I just did to check and I’ve been knitting for years. Or you may have miscounted and have one stitch more or less than 100.

Lisa, knitting in the round works like it does because you’re always working on the RS, so from the RS all stitches look like knits in stockinette. To get a garter st in the round you have to have a purl row in there.