Help back neck shaping -turn?

Need help Please. I’ve looked for answers in my begginers book but still can not figure it out.
The instructions read:
K11(neck edge).Turn. Leave rem sts on a st holder.
Next row:P2togtbl. Purl to end of row.

Shoulder shaping: Next row:(Right side). Bind off 4 sts. Knit to last 2 sts.
Sl1.K1. psso.
Next row:P2togtbl. Purl to end of row. Bind off rem 4 sts.

Wigh right side of work facing, slip next 32 sts from spare needle onto a
st holder. Knit to end of row.

Well I do not understand this. When I turn do I purl on this 11 sts again and put rem on st holder? of is it the opposite? Because later it says to slip next 32 sts from spare needle onto a st holder?

If someone could throw some light into this I would be very grateful

Alexis : :??

It looks like you’re working the shoulders separately.

You’ll first k11 st. Those are the ones you’ll work first. The other 32st will be put on the holder.

You’ll turn and work on those 11 st. the first p2tog is at the neck edge.

Then the shoulder st are on the remaining sts on you needle. Follow the directions and those get bound off.

Then you slip the next 32 st that I assume you have on a spare needle and follow the directions from there, I would guess on the next 11 sts. Hard to tell without the pattern. But I’m sure I’m right about the first 11.