Help Baby sock pattern

I need to find a sock pattern for a baby, not booties, but actual socks. My daughter’s feet are about 4 inches long and her chubby calf is 6 inches in dia. I got great hand dyed yarn and the lys lady said it would make great socks for her, but all the patterns are too big for her feet and its getting a little cold in the mornings. She still isn’t wearing shoes, so they don’t have to be really fitted, but enough so that she doesn’t pull them off (good luck with that) would be good.
Thanks in advance.

[B][COLOR=teal]Here’s one to try…a pdf…[/COLOR][/B]

[B][COLOR=teal]I just made toddler socks from this pattern…it’s written for baby sizes too. It does assume a general knowledge of sock-knitting.[/COLOR][/B]

several styles, sock pattern generators here. make pattern to fit size and yarn guage you need.

Thanks so much. The pattern looks so cute. I can’t wait to get started.