help baby dress

iwant illustration for these parts under arm and skirt with video if it available

Here’s a link to the Ravelry page.

It’s possible that some of the comments and blog posts (top of page) or projects may help. I don’t see any videos and the designer is not enthusiastic about making videos.
What in particular is giving you trouble with the underarms and skirt? Can you help us please by masking the rest of the pattern and replacing the photos? We run into copyright problems when entire patterns or large portions of them are posted.

i have a problem in these parts particulary «you should now work back and front separately for couple of rows start bysliding the stitches for the right half of the front over the left needle you should now have 54 sts for front and 54 sts for back start working the front » and « your yarn should now be under the right arm place marker and joinback and front this marker now the beginning of your round work first round placing a marker under the other arm as well now you are ready to work the skirt»

You’ve been working the dress yoke and have now bound off sts for the armholes. Now you’re to work only on the front for a few rows. To do that you need to have both halves of the front next to each other on the needle. Your working yarn is currently at the end of the left front (that’s the left as you would wear the dress). Rather than sliding the sts for the right half of the front over to the right needle, I would knit them over to the right needle (it seems to me that this should be the right needle rather than the left.) Now you can turn to the wrong side row and follow the Row 1 instruction to purl across all sts, joining the halves of the front.

When you work the skirt, you’ll change from knitting back and forth on front and back to knitting in the round. Place the marker for beginning of round at the underarm at the join between back and front.