Help!! Baby Cardigan: Back

Hi there I have a question about the back section of a Baby knit cardigan (Alex)by Patons. I have knitted up the 28cm in required length I have 71 sts cast on and the following is where I am stuck in the pattern: Cast off all sts, placing coloured threads either side of centre (33) sts to indicate back neck and shoulders. I see this as find the middle of my cast on stitches place a marker either side of that middle stitch. So if anyone could enlighten this relative new knitter I would be so grateful. Thank you :pray:. Jools

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These markers will help when you get to adding a collar or neckband and seaming the shoulders. Find the center stitch and then count 16sts on either side of the center and mark off those center 33sts. These sts will be the back of the neck. The 19 sts on either side of these 33sts will form the shoulders.

What is the name of your pattern?

Hi there salmonmac and a big Thankyou. :pray: I actually, this afternoon nutted it out and either side of the middle 33 stitches I’ve put a piece of coloured thread and am left with 19 stitches either end. I am so happy that you’ve confirmed this and I won’t have to undo anything!! The name of the pattern is the Alex Cardigan by Patons in their newborn collection. Jools. X

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Very sweet! Thank you for the pattern information.

You’re Welcome