Help baby blanket pattern

Hi Everyone
I am knitting a baby’s blanket which has a center piece and 4 side sections. the cast on stitches is 197. The panel pat. 1 row for the center is:
the 2nd row purel
now the third row is where i am having a problem it goes like this:

My problem is that I have 9 stitches left over which is not enough to finish the second row …what am i doing wrong? Please help!

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
The central panel takes 19sts on rows 1 and 3. Make sure that you’re not using a stitch when you work the yo. You should bring the yarn to the front between the needles and then over the right needle to the back.
It may help to place markers for each panel and certainly on either side of the center panel.
Can you give us a pattern link and a pattern name please?

Thank you for welcoming me! here is the picture of the blanket
1st row (rs).k2.yo.k4.k2tog.yo.sl2.k1.p2sso.yo.ssk.k4.yo.k2.
2nd and alt rows: purl.
3rd row: k3.yo.k2.k3tog.yo.k3.yo.sl1.k2tog.psso.k2.yo.k3
5th row: k4. yo.k1.k3tog.yo.k1.sl2.k1.p2sso.k1.yo.ssk.k1.yo.k4
7th row: k5.yo.k2tog.yo.k1.sl2.k1.p2sso.k1.yo.ssk.yo.k5
9th row: k3. k2tog.yo.k1.yo.k2.sl2.k1.p2sso.k2.yo.ssk.k3
11th row: k2. k2tog.yo.k3.yo.k1.sl2.k1.p2sso.k1.yo.k3.yo.ssk.k2
13th row: k1.k2tog.yo.k5.yo.sl2.k1.p2sso.yo.k5.yo.ssk.k1
14th row: purl
this is the panel pat.

I forgot to mention that blanket requires that 5 stitches in the beginning +9 at the end of the first row of the panel pat. + 5 at the very end of the first row. so total of added stitches 19

Lovely baby blanket. Did placing markers help with the stitch numbers across the center panel?

I understand the 5stitch borders, 19sts in the center panel and 9sts at the end of the panels.

It did in a way but didn’t have 5 stitches at the end of the row only 3!!! this is driving me crazy!

OK, check that you have the correct number of sts in each section. For the central panel, each row ends with 19sts. Check the number of sts for each of the panels and see if you can spot the section with the incorrect number.