HELP! Armhole bindoff too tight-- how do I fix it?

Hi! Just discovered these forums on my favorite knitting site when I was desperately looking for somewhere I could find out how to fix my boo-boo.
Totally finished making myself my first garment, a sleeveless sweater, and slipped it over my head (before blocking) and found that one armhole is great, and the other one is waay too tight-- about an inch. I can only assume that I binded off too tight on that armhole.
First off, will blocking (which I have never done before, but think i have the concept) stretch the armhole bind-off stitch? If not, what is the best way to goabout fixing it? Try to take out the bind-off row, join in some new yarn, and bind off looser?

(If it helps, here is the pattern of the sweater I made:

Thanks in advance for help!!

Blocking may help, but if it’s acrylic it might not. You may have to pick the bind off out and do it more loosely…with a larger needle or different BO.

It’s 64% acrylic and 36% nylon.
What do you think?

[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=3][COLOR=royalblue]With that blend of yarn, I think you’re going to have to take a deep breath and start unpicking your bind off and re-do it. Blocking won’t have any effect on acrylic blend, it will just go right back to its original shape. So, it’s not the end of the world, just time consuming, but a necessary evil every now and then. Better to do it now than have a nice hand-knit sweater in your drawer that you can’t wear. You’ll be glad you did it, plus every time something like this happens, you learn a little more about knitting. Never a bad thing![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Thanks… guess I was figuring that would be the answer. Does that mean that there is no reason to block the sweater at all because of the blend? The pattern calls for it to be blocked (of course, it may have called for wool too, but I was too cheap)

Blocking acrylic is just washing and drying it. That helps even out the sts and may relax them somewhat, but you can’t stretch it to a different size like wool.

I agree. No point really blocking acrylic. It might look nicer initially, but it’s not going to last at all. I just toss them in the washer and dryer.

Thanks all! I have already undone my bind-off and it was easier than I thought! (I may actually re-do the neckhole too since it is also too tight, but it fit on so I figured I would leave it. I think I did the other armhole first and was more careful!)

I really appreciate all the help! I have always loved coming to for everything (really pretty much learned to knit with videos from this site-- I was self taught with a book and this website) and I am so glad that there is “real time” help here as well!


I redid the whole bind off with needles 2 sizes larger and didn’t really make a huge difference. Then I started thinking and realized that the number of stitches was based on the number of stitches I picked up along the arm hole and I probably didn’t pick up enough stitches on this side! Big lesson learned (cause I was pretty slopping picking up stitches the first time around)! I pulled out the 5 rows of ribbing and have started picking up the stitches again-- one per stitch this time (I also counted the stitches on the better armhole so they will match!)

Anyway, definitely a learning experience!!!

Yep, I always make sure I have the same number of sts for the 2nd sleeve as I put in the first one. Or at least within one stitch the same.

Good for you for taking the time to do it right! :thumbsup:

One thing you can do when picking up stitches is put a safety pin at the halfway point and even quarters if you want when picking up stitches so you’re sure to get the same number on all parts.