Help aran jacket stitch

Help please , I’m stuck !
I’m knitting an aran jacket (pattern featured in Prima April 2007).

  1. It says : Dec row (WS) Patt 6 (16), [p2tog, patt 2, p2tog, patt3]
    What does mean “Patt” in this case ?
  2. Once I have all my stitches, it says to knit 5 rows before increasing and re-setting the pattern. So I have to knit 5 rows of what ?

Thanks for your help

It means work the pattern stitch over however many sts - 6 or 16 or 3, then work 2 tog in the pattern, they’ll be k2tog or p2tog depending on where the dec sts land. You knit 5 rows of the pattern stitch.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

It was quite tricky but I did it. Thanks again !:thumbsup: