Help appreciated

Hi, I’m new , learning and back with another question if any one can enlighten me?
I have a pattern ( Europe) it uses a tubular stitch cast on ( trying to master this)it tells me to cast on 33 stitches and work 3r in tubular stitch (=65 sts)continue working 65 sts rib 2x2
Now I am not understanding how the 33 stitches become 65 as no video I have watched seem to increase the cast on stitches. Someone please explain :)?

When doing a tubular cast on, you first create provisional cast on with just half the stitches. Then when working the first row you do a yarn over between each stitch, doubling the amount. To now work 3 more rows tubular, you actually work 6 rows as you will have to work each row twice when skipping half of the stitches.

Ahh, now I understand. Thank you so much, now I just need to master the method. :slight_smile:

I missed the part where you said you want a 2x2 ribbing. This means you will have to rearrange the stitches as the provisional cast on plus the yarn overs create a 1x1 ribbing. I think you will easily find a video showing how to do the rearranging. Tubular cast on is after all pretty popular.

Ok, I will have a search. Thank you.

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