HELP: Anyone who is from Atlanta or been to Coca Cola world

I have emailed the website, but don’t know if they will get back to me before we go to Atlanta next month, so putting out feelers everywhere. I need to know if there is seating throughout the exhibits where you can sit and rest if you need to. My husband has had surgery on both knees and I have a bad knee and have had a surgery that causes cramping when I walk great distances without sitting for a few minutes, so we can’t walk on and on without taking seating breaks. I don’t want to spend money for another place where there is little to no place to rest where there is a lot of walking. We encountered that at the Aquarium in Chattanooga and it was hell, especially for me. I had to finally give it up and leave so it was a waste of good money. Thanks, gals and guys for any info!!!

I was at the World of Coke in 2010. They take a large group of people, maybe 30ish through the museum with someone describing what you are seeing. You stand and walk through most of this. The only place I recall sitting for any length of time was during a short 15 minute “4-D” film. The world of Coke is fun if you go in knowing it is all one big advertisement! It’s not a very long tour, 45 minutes maybe? I’m not sure. Once the tour is over you can go a few places on your own but you really just end up in the gift shop. There are not a lot of sitting opportunities.