Help anyone please

for this sock pattern it tells me to cast on 90 then for the heel plap work on 46sts. what do i do with the rest of them put them on a stich holder? then it says pick up on st for every two rows along the sides of the heal flap what does that mean??? and reduce by 2 sts every other round until there are 80 sts. that i think is reducing the sts. right. please i need help :knitting:

It depends are you using double pointed needles (dpns), two circular, or magic loop. If you are doing one of the first two methods let the other 44 sts hang out on the two dpns or one circular (those are your instep stitches) and simply work back and forth on the 46 sts for the heel flap. Along the sides of the heel flap you are going to pick-up stitches (Amy shows you how to pick-up stitches in the video section of KH) one for every two rows of however long your heel flap is this will form the gusset of the sock. Check out Silver’s Sock Tutorial for clear explanation on how to knit socks.

mystery girl thank you for your help. wish me luck am having a hard time with this sock.

I too would suggest Silvers Sock Tutorial - that is how I made my first couple pairs of socks. I also did a few pairs of basic ribbed socks on size 4 needles before I got into any designs or different heels on smaller needles. Personally I find it easier to see my stitches on the larger needles.
good luck