Help! Another DPN sock question!

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem but it is REALLY starting to frustrate me. When I’m knitting in the round either on dpn’s or magic loop, my work is ALWAYS inside out. What am I doing wrong?? I look at my other knitting friends work and theirs is always right side out. Clearly, I’m doing something wrong but don’t know what. HELP!!! :hair: :hair:

It sounds to me like you are just flipping your work inside out when you knit.

The only thing you can do for that is be aware of which side of your work is facing out after you join your stitches into a round.

So, cast on, make sure your stitches are lined up and not twisted, join your work to start in the round and knit a row. Then before you knit your next row, make sure the knit side of your work is facing out and the purl side is facing in. Keep checking this - if your purl side is facing out then you have turned your work inside out and you need to flip it and have the knit side facing out again.

Hope this helps!

The link below is to a YouTube video in which the author Cat Bordhi discusses whether or not to be concerned about knitting inside-out. Essentially she says it does not matter.

If you don’t want to watch the entire 8-minute video, just move the circle over to near the 3-minute mark - that’s where she discusses the issue:

Personally, I find that I create fewer accidental yarn-overs at the start of the round when I knit inside-out, but that’s just me.

Thank you, I will watch it. I’m just hoping it doesn’t mess me up when it comes time to work the heel, etc.!

I think you do need to flip it inside out when you come to the heel. It’s easy enough the first few inches for the work to flip itself outside in; after you’ve done the leg part, you should be able to push it through the middle and it’ll stay there.

I turn heels without a problem – either way.

Great video! But, imo it’s too bad she doesn’t mention one thing about knitting inside out vs outside in, although you see it in the video if you watch a bit closely - knitting outside out, the working needles are closest to you, while inside out, they are farthest from you.

It should look like this picture whether on dpns or circs.

It doesn’t matter if you knit things right side out or right side in. After you cast off, you can turn a sock inside out, just like if your shop-bought socks come out of the washing machine inside out. Who cares how you prefer to hold it while you knit?
If you have friends who knit right-side-out, and you really want to do the same thing, ask them to show you how they knit a round and do it that way too!
Bottom line, whenever you have a sock inside out and want it out side out, turn it out side out. Same thing whether you are looking at a sock on the needles or a sock that has come out of the dryer.

I remember reading a post similar to this one a while ago. This website should help figure out what you’re doing wrong.

Someone had posted it in another thread.