Help altering pattern

I want to make this pattern but it’s sized for a 6 months to 18 month old baby…I want it to be for my newborn. Does anyone know of a similar pattern using worsted or light worsted yarn or can someone help me figure out how to alter this pattern? Math is not my strong point…

I have dpns in size 1 and size 2 so I could drop needle sizes too…I was planning to use some extra Caron Simply Soft…I know it’s supposed to be worsted but it seems a little thin for worsted to me (even when compared to other colors of simply soft…has anyone else experienced that?? Maybe it’s just twisted a little more tightly??)…

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

I made a 6-month sweater with worsted on size 6 or 7 and it would fit a 6-month old. I made the same exact sweater out of dk weight on 4’s and it would fit a preemie or a ‘normal’ sized newborn. Your newborn however, is not your average baby! :teehee:

no kidding! but it’s amazing…no matter how big they are, they still look tiny! :shock:

I know! When my son was born, I thought there must be something wrong–that I didn’t eat enough, or something, because he looked so tiny after seeing my daughter every day. He was 8 lb 9 oz. :teehee:

it’s funny…a friend of mine told me he looks chunky…I had just remarked to dh that he’s so much skinnier than dd…it’s weird b/c the were the same length at birth and he’s almost a pound heavier than her!

I decided to try the pattern with dk yarn and size 2 dpns…I forgot how much I hate really tiny things!! LOL!!!..It’s taken me forever to do 7 rows of ribbing!! It looks so tiny…I hope it isn’t too small!