Help, all I seem to do is fix mistakes and untangle yarn!

I have knitted one blanket in the past…a very small one and had great difficutly. I really, really love to knit but seems like all I do is untangle yarn and I seem always be correcting mistakes! How do you keep your yarn from tangling all up???

:think: Where is it tangling? I only have problems when I’m using multiple colors.

When you use a skein of yarn, I unwind it from the outside instead of pulling that little thread from the inside. I find that it tangles much less this way - especially when you get down to the “bare bones” of the skein.

And I only unwind enough thread for a row at most - then pull out a bit more.

Hope this helps?

When I get to the middle of the skein.

Thanks, I will try that…I have started from the middle and not the outside, maybe that will work! Thanks again!

Another way to contain your yarn (and keep it clean and safe from animals) is to keep it in a zip-loc bag. Cut a small hole in the corner to feed the yarn through (it tends to get caught in the plastic zip thingys of the open and close end). The bag also is handy for keeping up with the yarn label.

As for fixing mistakes… you’ll know you’re past the beginner stage when you can unknit as fast as you can knit :wink:

Hi Wannabe,

If we didn’t all make mistakes cute terms like ‘tink’, ‘tinking’, and ‘frog’ wouldn’t be around. I frogged eleven rows of Silver’s Palindrome scarf yesterday because I was watching the TV and missed a dropped stitch, and somehow picked up another one. Go figure. Anyway, just keep practicing, it becomes more and more fun as you learn new things.

One item: Yarntainer! It has a hole in the lid. I have used the ziploc trick though!