Help again?

It’s me again. With issues with the same pattern.

I have the pattern practically done, I’m just having trouble understanding the last bit about the drawstring. Starting with : “Single crochet 2 sts tog around top. Join. Chain 4, * dc,
ch 1, * around.”…-willie-warmer

Any help would be much appreciated again! Thanks"

Do you know how to crochet?

Yup. I’m just not sure where the pattern tells me to start. Or how really.

Your link doesn’t work.

As written you will work decreases of crochet 2 sts tog all around. Do you know how to do that? I’ve not done it in a long time so reccommend you search for a video or written instructions, when I have yarn and hook in my hands, my hands just know how to do it. You’ll end up with 1/2 as many sts as the previous round. Join your round by slip stitching. Your next round will start with a dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1…to the end. You repeat the instruction inside * * a given number of times or until you run out of stitches to work on.

As you “have the pattern practically done,” I’m assuming you’ve been working in the round and have a basic knowlege of what you’re doing. HTH


Yup. I’m just not sure where the pattern tells me to start. Or how really.

Where is your working yarn attached or are you changing colors or what? You start at the beginning of the round unless otherwise specified. Not being able to see your pattern, I’m speaking in general terms here. Still, I HTH.

You would start where you finished with the last knit stitch, wherever your yarn is. I think you would sc by inserting the hook into 2 knit stitches, all away around the top, like k2tog. This will reduce your stitches. Then join the last sc to the first one with a sl st, ch 4 and make a dc ch1 all the way around. That makes eyelets to thread the tie through, but I’m not sure it’s necessary - you could probably k2tog yo all around, then do another round of knit and BO. Or do 1 round of k2tog, then do a yo k2tog round, then BO.

OK, now I remember crochet 2 tog.
Put the hook through the first stitch, yo, draw up a loop, put the hook through the 2nd st, yo, draw up a loop, yo, draw the yarn through both loops. I think. I’d have to get out a hook to be sure but there are lots of videos and written instructions available.