Help, again with baby sweater: adding a Pocket

Hi All:

I am still making my way, v. slowly, through the Debbie Bliss baby cardigan with moss edge stitching. I am working on the left front and right front parts, and I’m at the part where I need to “Place Pocket”, but not entirely sure how to do that.

Here are the instructions in full. If anyone can provide me with a better (more detailed ) explanation as to how to do this, I would be very grateful. Thank you!! :slight_smile:

With 3mm (US 2-3) needles cast on 33 sts.
MOSS ST. ROW: P1, *K1, P1; rep. from * to end.
This row forms moss st.
Rep. the last row 4 times more, inc. 1 st at centre of last row…
34 sts.
Change to 3-1/4 mm (US 3) needels.
NEXT ROW (right side) K to last 6 sts, moss st 6.
NEXT ROW Moss st. 6, p. to end.
Rep. the last 2 Rows 9 times.
NEXT ROW (right side) K7, slip next 15 sts onto a holder, K across 15 sts of first pocket lining, k6, moss st 6.
Cont in patt as set until front measures 14 cm from cast on edge, ending with wrong side row.

Okay, so how do I place the pocket, do this thing?.. I started this project to knit a cute little sweater for my niece, and think it was probably a bit too advanced for me. I hope I can finish it before she gets too big to wear it!! :slight_smile:

You need to have made the lining piece(s) beforehand. (Per your pattern, they’re 15 sts wide.) When you get to the placement part, you put your sweater front sts (15) on holder and work the lining pieces in their place. (Knit from the holder the lining is on or from a third ndl.) You’re incorporating the lining. Complete the row with the rest of front piece sts. The orig 15 sts, on the holder, will hang loose in front while you work the front piece and pocket lining. Something like this: (st count not exact)

(R2) SSSSPPPPPPPSSSS Sts, with Pocket now worked in on ndl (RS)
(R1) SSSSHHHHHHSSSS row below with orig front sts on Holder (RS)

Later, you’ll slip stitch the pocket lining to the back of the front and probably work some kind of border or edging. An alternative would be to NOT do this step and add the pocket(s) later using the patch method.



Thanks! This more detailed explanation helps alot. I have made the little pocket parts already --they are awaiting their placements on little stitch holders, since January, when I got too busy to continue working on it. I just needed a little advice on what was meant by placing stitches on a stitch holder, then how to add the pocket, and this was very helpful!!!

Thanks again! This knitting forum is great!