HELP! afgan pattern

This is my first time posting I need help with a pattern. I am making an afgan and it has multiple squares. on one of the squares for row 9 it reads (K,P,K,) all in next st, P3 tog repeat to last 7 stitches. any help would be appreciated. not sure if i knit purl knit then purl 3 all together does this make sence if so why are the K p k all in parenthhesis? I am confused. thanks michelle

The k,p,k is in parenthesis to denote that it is a single action. So, in the next stitch you’re going to work, you knit the st, but DON’T slip it off the left needle. Then you bring your yarn to the front and purl the SAME stitch (don’t slip it off the needle yet). Then you take your yarn back and knit into the stitch again. Now you can slip the stitch off your left needle. It’s going to feel weird and probably tight by the end of it. Try to stretch the stitch out some with your right needle before you start the k,p,k. After that, you purl the next 3 sts on your left needle together, not the ones on your right needle that you just worked. Good luck.

Thankyou so much for responding. that does make sense since the photo shows there will be a bump in the knitting. I will try it. thanks again i really appreciate it.