Help/ advice needed please

I’m new to crocheting blankets and I’m hoping someone can help me please.

My blanket doesn’t sit flat it does this wave thing (see photo) what have I done wrong? I have all the same brand yarn with recommended hook size. Following the pattern but it doesn’t seem to be working out.

Is there anyway to save this or will I have to undo it/ start again? And what did I do wrong to cause this?

Thank you in advance

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The granny square is very well done. It may be that it just needs blocking. What kind of yarn did you use, acrylic, wool, a blend of fibers?



I don’t crochet but I’ve knitted a striped jumper with several colours and all the same brand yarn and I noticed a considerable difference in how the different colours worked up, I could feel it as I knit. The dark blue for example was heavier and firmer, felt thicker, whereas the yellow was lighter, softer and more flexible and felt thinner. I have read this is the case with various yarns due to the dye.
I would think you could block this as salmonmac said.
It looks great despite the wave.


Hi and thank you

It is acrylic 8ply

I have never heard of blocking before either. Is it hard to do?

Not difficult at all. The thing to remember is not to touch the crocheted or knit piece with the iron. Just us steam from the iron. This video compares the results of steam blocking and “killing” the fabric.


It could be that you were a bit uncertain about the pattern when you started, and so were working rather tightly. As you got more comfortable, you relaxed and your gauge changed. Blocking should help, but may not make it completely flat. The only way to know is to try it. Steam it a bit, and stretch the inside more strongly than the outside, pinning it in place as you work your way from the center to the outside. You can try this now, even before adding your final rounds…then you’ll know if it works or not. And if you have to start over…that’s kind of part of yarn crafts. The next one will be better, because you know how to do it now.

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Ok awesome. I’ll watch video and block it and see how it goes. Otherwise I might start again. It’s only about 1/4 way done so not a lot of progress lost if I do start again.

Thank you everyone :heart: