Help Adjusting a Pattern from MagKnits

Hi everyone.

I’d like to knit the scarf from the new MagKnits:

Problem is, I’m using a different worste weight yarn (Nashua Creative Focus) and my guage is coming out to more like 6 sts per inch. But I want the scarf to be 8.5" across, so I have to cast on more stitches than the 35 they call for - I’m having trouble figuring out how many more stitches to cast on without screwing up the diagonal ribbing pattern.

Help would be greatly appreciated!

The pattern repeats (ie. the parts inside the ) are a multiple of 6 stitches, and the stitch count outside the *'s is 5 stitches. So, you could use any multiple of 6 + 5. So in other words, rather than 35sts you could cast on 41sts, 47sts, 53sts, etc.