Help adapting a buttonhole method?

Perhaps some one call help figure out if there is a way to adapt this eyelet buttonhole method (written out below). I’m using it in a seed stitch band, and the funny thing is that it looks better (more like uninterrupted seed stitch) on the wrong side! So I’m trying to figure out if I can ‘reverse’ it.

Two-YO Eyelet Buttonhole:
R1:Work to buttonhole, YO twice, k2tog through back loops.
R2:Purl first YO, slip the second off needle

I have an even number of stitches in the band (the RS starts with a purl and the WS with a knit), in case that makes a difference.

Thanks for any suggestions!


I’ll be darned, I worked the buttonhole as written on the wrong side and it worked – the seed-stitch-ish appearance is there on the right side.

I don’t know why it’s so simple – or why I expect it to be more complicated than that!


I just did similar on a toddler cardi. The seq of sts remains the same whether done on RS or WS…it just comes down to which side you like better. And maintaining the position w/in the band.