Help about sewing thread

Hello everyone, Im new in this forum and I have to say that my English is not very good but i’ll do my best. O.K, I have a question about elastic thread. I want to knit socks and I would like to use the elastic thread with it. what thread sould I buy? If some one can point me to company name or anything i"ll appreciate it…thank you:-P

If you’re knitting wool socks there is quite a bit of elasticity in that fiber. I haven’t had any problems with wool socks sliding down my leg. If you want to knit cotton socks there are several brands of cotton yarn with less than 2% elastic in them and the yarn is very stretchy and I have made a number of socks using that. I like them quite well. I used There is also another brand Cascade Fixation that is the same.
If you really want elastic thread here is one site I found
Welcome to KH and good luck with your socks.