Help a newbie with some pattern reading?


I’m working on my first cardigan and I’m struggling to understand the mathematics of what is below- I feel like this should be super simple, but when I write it down to make sense of it, everything gets wonky on me. My assumptions are in [brackets].

Work 6 [6: 8: 8: 8] rows, ending with RS facing for next row. [knit 6 rows, ending RS]
Inc 1 st at each end of next and 2 foll 6th rows, then [Increase one stitch on either end of rows, for 6 more rows]
on 2 foll 8th rows, then on 4 foll 10th rows. [Increase two stitches on either end of rows, for 10 more rows]

I so appreciate any help!


Your next row is row 7, increase on the start and end of this row, then again on two more rows 6 and 12 rows following (in other words, rows 13 and 19)

Now increase again at the beginning and end of rows (19+8=27 and 35), and 4 more times on rows 45, 55, 65, and 75.

I learned this from @salmonmac.


Thank you so much!!


Oh, I’m terrible at this! I forgot to welcome you to the forum.

And what is the name of the pattern you are following?