Help a newbie with circular needle joining

Hi. I’m trying to knit a hat (my 3rd project so please excuse any incorrect terminology). I previously knit 2 scarves, and this is my first time knitting with circulars. Unfortunately, I messed up the joining. I cast on 110 stitches. Then I put on a stitch marker and knit a row. However, when I neared the stitch marker, some how (I might have slipped?) I missed the stitch and now am down to 108 rows. There’s is now about an inch and a half worth of yarn connecting the right needle to the left. Where did I go wrong? And can I fix it? Its still early so I could always start over, but I would like to learn how to solve this problem in case it comes up again. Thanks for any help!

It sounds like you may have dropped a couple of stitches and they unraveled. If you don’t want to redo everything, you could just keep knitting and when you’re done stitch the loop to the inside of the hat.

That’s what I figured. Can I reattach those two dropped stitches somehow? Or is that too difficult to explain online? Thanks!

If you can find the loop you can bring them up with a crochet hook. Amy has video on fixing mistakes.

My concern, though, is that if they’re on the cast-on edge, that there is no loop to bring up.