Help a newbie out, please!

Hi all! I am a new beginner loom knitter. I love it and am learning very quickly. I have made many hats and scarves. My daughter wanted me to make a panda hat that she saw in one of my books. Very simple pattern and I’m doing great with it. However, I came to one row directions and I’m a little confused. It is as follows:
“Row 6: EWK (9), knit across to beginning”

I know what EWK (9) means and I know what knit across to beginning means. But I don’t know what it means in the same line… Can someone dumb it down for me? Thanks so so much!!

Most of us are hand knitters (2 needles) or crocheters so be patient waiting for the answer.


Thanks Jan! I will definitaly be patient. :slight_smile: