Help a newbie knit some slippers, please


I would like to knit these:

but i think i must be misreading this pattern. it seems to me that after knitting the flat sole back and forth in garter stitch, the pattern says to pick up stitches for only 3 of the sides. and then connect the three sides into the round. am i reading this correctly? if someone could pretty please help clarify this, i would really appreciate it. thanks!


You already have the 1st side on the needle you worked the foot part on so if you pick up a long side, short side, and long side, you would join in the round to the needle you started with which is needle one. You would use your 5th dpn to start knitting stitches off of the 1st needle if you are not using a circular needle. Does that make sense?

ha ha, i am such a dork. that should have been obvious. thank you for pointing it out.

this is the second slipper pattern i’ve tried knitting this week. i tried the baba’s papuchi slippers from spinderella’s, and i just couldn’t make it make sense. i don’t know if that was me or the pattern, but the closer i got to completing the first one, the less clear it became how it could actually be completed with the given instructions. the lenore’s slippers are a similar style, but seemed to be a little more thoroughly written out for someone not as experienced. i haven’t started knitting them yet, as i didn’t want to spend more hours of knitting on a pattern that didn’t make sense from the get go. hopefully, all will become clear as i work through the pattern. (and hopefully i won’t overlook the blatantly obvious again).

thank you again for the help


Sometimes it is hard to see how things are going to work out in the end. If you just keep at it and follow the instructions, everything usually comes together in the end. Some instructions are written better than others and can be interpreted differently. If you haven’t worked in the round before, that can be challenging as well for the first time. Good luck and post a picture of the finished slippers.