Help a gal out with yarn decision?

So ignora kicked booty and found my Spun Mag pattern for the vintage inspired capelet at Ravelry. It looks like this. And I really, REALLY want to start knitting this now. My problem is that I’m a Gemini living in a town that knows nothing about knitting (read: no LYS) and surrounded by friends and family who have no appreciation for knitting. Which means I can’t make up my mind, people!!! Argh! Which yarn should I purchase to make this lovely capelet? The Plymouth tweed or the Knitpicks heathered? And which color would it look best in - burgundy, grey or dark denim blue? (Those are the colors that look best with most of my wardrobe). I sound like an idiot, I know, but this is really the only place I can go where my stupid knitting questions are usually answered within 24 hours and answered really thoughtfully and completely snark-free, to boot. Huggles to all in advance for all your advice and/or suggestions…:muah:

P.S. I chose these two yarns coz they’re the natural fibers I want that’re within my budget. Tee hee!

Oooh. Burgundy KP swish superwash. nodnod … Not that I have a thing for burgundy or anything. Superwash is really soft, too. (Though I don’t see a heathered burgundy. Closest looks like fired brick, maybe? I’m not good with color…)

Ahh, so you’ve knitted with KP swish? Or just superwash in general? Regardless, the thought of just being able to throw it in the machine is looking more and more appealing to me so I’m definitely leaning more toward KP, tweed versus heathered notwithstanding (I do so like the look of those flecks in tweed but maybe not so good with the pattern’s lace detail?)

LOL…you don’t have a thing for burgundy at all! It looks more wine-like, doesn’t it? Or maybe that’s just coz it’s called ‘merlot’?

Well, that’s one vote. Thanks for responding, Quiara. If no one else does, it’s the KP merlot for sure. See how easy we Geminis can be once someone takes control and decides for us? :wink:

I would like the burgundy better, also. It does look more like a firebrick red/orange though. Good luck on deciding.

The burgundy is beautiful, but I think I love the grey (squirrel heather). So I vote for the grey from KP. Hope I have not confused the issue.

I second the merlot… veeeryyyy pretty!

I’m a Libra… we’re indecisive, too. Well, at least I am… when it comes to deciding about my own stuff. It’s the Libra scales thing, I think…

I agree the KP Merlot