Help 1st sweater

I cannot figure out how to knit my hood onto my sweater. how do you pickup and knit?:hair::hair::hair:

katmlittle, check out:
scrolled down to the bottom to “Assorted Topics” section. HTH. Good Luck. :thumbsup:

One thing I found helpful watching a Knitty Gritty episode was picking up stitches when you don’t pick up the exact number that has already been knit, for example let’s say there are 90 stitches around a neckline, including front, back and sides and the pattern says to only pick up let’s say 70. The program suggested taking pieces of yarn or stitch markers and counting off stitches, like 10 at a time, then marking between each ten. You can then do the math and figure out how many to pick up then to skip etc. I have only been knitting sweaters for about a year, but I use this method so that my neckline always comes out even and straight.