Helmetliner for US Soldier

I’m making a helmetliner for a US soldier. Today is Veteran’s Day, so it feels cool to be working on it now. :slight_smile:
I’m using Berella Muskoka yarn, which is a superwash wool. I got it on eBay for a good price. It is very soft, but the dye rubs off on my hands. I guess I’ll have to wash it before donating the helmetliner.

Here’s the pattern I’m using:

That is working up cool. It’s too bad about the color rubbing off. I hope after you wash it that that solves the problem.

That is so nice of you! My son in law was in Iraq 3 times and is now stationed on Okinowa, Japan with my daughter and 3 grandchildren…on his behalf, I thank you!
P.S. Do you have a finished picture of one? I want to knit some myself, but I’m a visual knitter and I’m not getting part of the pattern, Thanks, Jen

Here is the photo they have on the pattern website:

And here’s one worn under a helmet:

That is going to look great! I think when it is washed it will hold the colour hopefully.

Looking good :thumbsup: … My LYS did this but we could only use solid black or tan…

great idea- I’m sure it will be appreciated. maybe using a little vinegar in the wash will help the running dye… my mom makes hats/beanies and leisure socks for the soldiers. I’ve been helping put together packages of little essentials to go with them (soap, razors, gum, playing cards etc.) and she’s so happy when she gets a little “thank you” through the charity administrator. the men and women over there need all the support and good vibes/prayers/thoughts we can send…

It is a very interesting project, that’s for sure. Now, I’m at the face opening, so I’ve changed to larger needles, and left part of the knitting on the smaller needles. I just hooked the two ends of my circular needle together, to keep it out of the way. Now, the helmetliner looks like a science project or something! :teehee:

Wow it’s great I love the colours x

I made myself finish the helmetliner last night, and it looks great!

Of course, I had to try it on :teehee: :

I was a bit frustrated when making it, because I ran out of the green yarn too early.

I searched my stash of wool yarn, and found some brown vintage sock yarn in a fingering weight. I held two strands together to make it as thick as the worsted weight I had been using.

I like the way it all worked together. Not bad! :thumbsup:

I am the manager of the veterans office at our local community college. Two years ago at Chirstmas I put out a request for these helmet liners to send over to our troops. I’m still getting them. I have a box in my office right now ready to ship. They are a very welcomed luxery item with the soldiers. Keep up the good work!!!

Great colors, there will be a thankful soldier.

That looks great, Shandeh!

[B]This is so way cool! [/B] I really like your work, and the colorway you selected! I think these type of hats are also called Balaclavas.

I made one in bright orange for my DH this Oct for hunting.

That looks great!!! The brown looks really good.

I think this might be perfect for my boyfriend, who rides his bike in the bitter cold.

I love the way it turned out.