Helmet Liners for Soldiers

Good Morning!

I had a great visit with my mom the last few days while she was visiting. I live in Missouri and she lives in Idaho, so we don’t see each other often.

She heads up a ministry at her church, sending care packages to soldiers in Iraq. It’s a pretty big church and they send packages to anyone who submits the name of their son, husband, brother etc.

I mentioned the helmet liners to her and she would love to start putting those in the boxes. It’ll start getting cold there pretty soon and boxes take 3-4 weeks to arrive in Iraq.

Here is some basic information regarding helmet liners -

“Cascade 220 or any soft wool yarn that will knit to gauge. Approx. 175 yds. (5 hanks of 220 will make 6 hats). [ed. The reason the patterns calls for 100% wool yarn is because the headgear the military issues is made of synthetic fiber, which is not as warm as wool. Our troops who are subjected to sub-zero windchills are still cold in synthetic headgear. The goal is to keep them warm by using 100% wool yarn.]
Colors allowed by the military are black, charcoal, brown, tan, olive drab [ed, Black is the preferred color].”

And there are patterns and more information here -

If you’d be interested in knitting and donating one I can tell you it would be greatly appreciated. Winters in Iraq are not generally horribly cold, but they can be windy, and wind combined with a temp of 35 degrees can make a person pretty cold.

If you could have your helmet liner finished and mailed to me by November 15, that would get the liners to the soldiers about the middle of December - just in time. :slight_smile:

No matter our opinion on the war itself, we need to support our sons, brothers and husbands who are putting their lives on the line every day.

PM me if you’d be interested and I"ll send you my address.

thank you SO much!!! :muah:

I’ll do my best to make one in time.

thank you - that means so much! :slight_smile:

I just finished the helmetliner at 3 AM! I’ll mail it today. :slight_smile:

I just HAD to try it on. :teehee:

oh it’is JUST gorgeous!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much…it will be apreciated!

Hi I’m new to this site and would like to help knit for our soldiers. I realize the deadline is long gone, however, I was wondering whether this is an on-going project as I would like to participate. Thanks and let me know.

I believe the helmetliners are [U]always[/U] a welcome luxury item for our soldiers! :thumbsup:

Just go to the pattern website, and you’ll see a mailing address for sending in the helmetliner.

Thank you for helping our troops. I turned in my second HL to my LYS today. My first one went to a soldier friend of the family in case he was redeployed this month.

My LYS gives them to a local veterans organization.

I use the Bonie Long/geocities pattern w/a few changes. I was advised to make the ribbed neck part 7". I make it 7 1/2" and still have Cascade 220 left. Think my next one will be a bit longer. Will be close, but I want to try it.

On the above the eyes part, I did 59 sts in provisional CO. This left 60 live sts. Add to that the 52 sts in the below the eyes part gave me 112 sts which is divisible by 4 for the 2x2 ribbing. (I don’t like picking up sts.)

I did a Russian bind off. I like how that turned out. Is a little more stretchy. (k2tog. pass st onto left needle. k2tog. pass st onto left needle. cont till done.) The LYS lady liked the result, also.

My friend showed me his gov issue HL. Is 2 wool layers w/ an insulator material in between. Is not as thick as our hand knit ones. Not as cushy for their heads in those hard helmets. He likes the one I made very much. He’ll not be going back this month, but he’s happy to have it just in case. I’m glad that the one I turned in today will be going over. Also, 100% wool won’t burn or melt to the skin in case…

I bought more Cascade 220 today. My LYS is going to have a HL night next month. Hope I can go. I like doing them. Want to have one OTN all the time.

Do you have any helpful hints?

I am not sure if anybody mentionned it yet (I did not read every single line) however I think you should know this before starting your helmet liner: the army only allows some very limited colors…

[B][I]“Colors allowed by the military are black, charcoal, brown, tan, olive drab.”[/I][/B]
See http://knitting.about.com/od/hatpatterns/a/helmetliner.htm