Hi everyone. I’m a brand new knitter (3 or 4 days now) and I’ve had a horrible time with casting on. I could only do the two needle version and then it was very tight. Thank you, Amy, for your videos. They finally made sense of the written instructions to do it continental style for me.

I’ve spent the afternoon/evening scouring the website and forum. But I’m a bit at a loss. In the forum I see many references to LYS. What’s that?

I’m off to bed now so I can wake up bright and early (in the afternoon) to get more yarn and a larger set of knitting needles and knit some more.

When I first saw the acronym LNS over on the cross stitch boards, I thought it was a chain store. Then I learned it meant “local needlework shop.” I’ve since learned that LYS is “local yarn shop” and LSS is “local scrapbook shop.” :stuck_out_tongue: Hope that helps!

Hi Lesley, welcome to the board!

Thanks for the welcomes and letting me know about LYS. I probably never would have figured that out on my own.