I am new to this forum and pretty new to knitting! I bought my first needles a month ago and got a pattern for a baby cocoon I wanted to make my niece for her baby due soon. After throwing down the needles and yarn several times, crying and declaring I just wasn’t meant to knit, I got the hang of it!!!:cheering:
I have now made several hats, a scarf, 2 baby pods and a baby cocoon and am now taking on making a afgan!

Knitting is addictive and I’m so glad I found it and this forum!


Welcome to the forum! Knitting is highly addictive, and I’m glad you have found this knitting haven. Enjoy!

Congratulations on your accomplishment and welcome!

Post pics if you can!

:thumbsup: Welcome to Knitting Help!!

Welcome and welcome to the wonderful world of knitting! It’s my favorite hobby (right up there with my gardening) and I’d really rather spend all day doing either.

I hope to see some pics of your work soon.

Thanks for the welcome! After I posted here I saw the intro thread! :teehee: Sorry! I will post pictures of a few things but i have to have 2 posts first… so here is #2. Pics to follow!

Here are just 2 of the things i’ve made. I need to take pics of the others.

Here is the baby pod. Made on circular needles. Excuse the extra limbs! :lol: This was a re-born doll my sil makes and there are spare baby doll parts in the pic!

Here is the newborn hat I made for my niece. I did this on a round loom.

Those are utterly delightful creations! I love the infant pod. I’ve considered them much kinder than wrapping the poor things up like burritos. :wink: