I’m a newbie :slight_smile:
My name is Jen and I would love to try knitting. My Gram made us kids mittens all our lives, i’d like to learn and do the same for my kids in the future :slight_smile:
I was given four double pointed needles, 4mm (20cm) from what I read on here they are considered a size 6?
I’m looking for anything easy to get me started with the the four needles I have. (does not have to be mittens! I’m looking for anything to get the hang of it)
Anyone have any links? I haven’t found anything on this site that uses the 4mm size.
I haven’t watched the videos yet, I want to wait till I can buy some yarn.
Thanks for any help!

The videos are on the Advanced techniques page, wouldn’t hurt to watch before you get yarn.

Okay, thanks :slight_smile:
either way though i’d like something easy to start with if anyone has a suggestion.
I prolly should have mentioned that i’d love to have my gram show me, but I have moved away from home now so it’s not possible.

Yes, check the video here in KH and/or check this page, too.

Infant hats are a great way to learn to knit in the round with double points (DPN).


To just get the hang of knitting (and purling, decreasing, increasing, casting on and off-- and that’s really all there is to knitting!), just use 2 of the needles. You can get end-protectors, or just wrap rubber bands or use a piece of cork-- but you want to somehow have stoppers at 1 end of each of the 2 needles so that your stitches don’t fall off. (This turns them into what are called “straight” or “single pointed” needles.) Then get some worsted weight yarn-- it will have a little symbol that looks like a skein of yarn, with the number “4” in it. Don’t get anything fuzzy or with bobbles-- just plain yarn, preferably light colored-- and just work from the videos. In a bit, when you are ready to make mittens, that size needle will be great!