Hi everyone, I wish I had found this site sooner! I am a beginning knitter trying to branch out a bit and try some new things. I want to learn how to (really) read a pattern and would really like to learn how to make socks!

Welcome! And…have fun on the slippery slope that is knitting socks! :slight_smile:

Knitting socks is soooo awesome! Take the plunge. They are pretty much all I knit now. Sad, but true.

Welcome to KH!

Welcome to the board! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions - someone will surely be able to help.

Hi Jen, :waving: I only joined myself this last week and have found invaluable tips already - long-tail cast on rocks! :notworthy:
I haven’t tried socks yet but they seem very popular to knit for a lot of users of this forum. :slight_smile:
Hope you enjoy it here! :yay:

Welcome! You’ve found the right place to learn. Heck, they even managed to teach me, so I know you’ll do great. :rofl: