Hi Everyone I just joined this foreum. I hope to get to know all of you.
I love to knit/crochet ,quilt and I’m learning to paint.
I also like to hit the thrift shopes and Goodwill.:wink:

:waving: Drema, welcome to KH! This is a really great site. Informative video’s and wonderful people.

What kind of painting are you learning? I haven’t painted in years, but am thinking of getting back into it.

Glad to meet someone else that loves the Goodwill and thrift stores! :happydance:

Hi Drema! Nice to meet you. :waving:

I love thrift stores too–they are a great way to acquire recyclable yarn.

I’ve never painted, but my husband is a graphic design student and a talented watercolor painter. He’s also pretty excited because he is taking an oil painting class this semester.

Welcome to KH. This is a wonderful and friendly community. You’ll love it here. :slight_smile:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Welcome Drema…:waving:
Love the thrift stores too and yard sales… never know what you’ll find and sometimes you can really luck out! The thrill of the chase…:woohoo:
I was a quilter in my other life… LOL! And did some acrylic paintings - now it’s just knitting and buttons…
You’ll love it here! Everyone is so helpful and the site has a ton of really good videos.